42 Stunning Drone Photos of the 2017 AVP Seattle Open

42 Stunning Drone Photos of the 2017 AVP Seattle Open


If You Build It They Will Come.


By Josh Glazebrook


The AVP Creative Director of the AVP, Mr. Josh Glazebrook, has done it again. Josh captured some beautiful drone photos of Lake Sammamish, the home of the AVP Seattle Open.? Every time I view these drone photos of Lake Sammamish, I can’t help to take a deep breathe and feel grounded by it’s natures beauty.


These DJI drone photos were taken from our 4-day AVP beach volleyball tournament on Lake Sammamish.


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Photo Credit:


Josh Glazebrook? (Facebook, Instagram)


Drone: DJI


Event Details:


Date: June 25th, 2017


Location: Lake Sammamish State Park- 20606 SE 56th St., Issaquah, WA, 98072.


Seattle is synonymous with coffee, but fans will get their jolt from some intense action in this tournament which will conclude the first half of the eight-event schedule. The competition on the courts will be quite a contrast to the serene setting along the shores at Lake Sammamish.


As eagles soar in the background, players will be competing knowing that in the last two years the AVP has played here, there have been three different players tallying their first ever AVP victories in Seattle.


Read more at http://avp.com/event/seattle-open.


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